Personal, Quick win Put it on your calendar
Habit Bank (English) - Spiritual Topic - Put it on your calendar

There is a psychological impact when you write something on your calendar, such as commitments. If you put the most important items for your day on your calendar, you are more likely to do them and not allow less important and distracting things take your time. Block time for activities:

  • Learn a new topic; listen to a related podcast
  • Send emails to keep in touch with friends and colleagues whose relationships mean the most to you
  • Email a team to learn more about their presentation from an all-hands call that personally interested you
  • Work on your favorite hobby (or explore a new one)
  • Reflect on your personal and professional accomplishments and goals, and identify next steps

Use reminders like an alarm or Google Calendar reminders to hold yourself accountable. Invite a coworker or friend to do the same for greater accountability.

Personal Decide what not to do
Habit Bank (English) - Spiritual Topic - Decide what not to do

Rather than saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity presented to you, consider your values and purpose to make a conscious decision about what you do and don’t need to do or be a part of. Understand what is important to you and use it to filter through opportunities and tasks, allowing you to prioritize, hone in on, and seek out those that connect to something personally meaningful.

Personal Make a fresh start each day
Habit Bank - Spiritual Topic - Make a fresh start each day

Be intentional by starting every day identifying what's most aligned to your purpose and goals. By setting your intention each day, you consistently are connecting your work back to your greater purpose – a powerful source of spiritual energy.

Personal, Quick win Set aside "me" time
Habit Bank (English) - Spiritual Topic - Set aside "me" time
Replace 15-20 minutes of TV, social media, or other similar activities with something that enriches, recharges and/or renews you, such as:
  • Practicing yoga or meditation
  • Reading an article / listening to a podcast of personal interest
  • Going on a walk to appreciate nature
  • Doing something creative with your friends or loved ones
  • calling a family member, colleague, or long-distance friend to catch up

Remembering how energized or fulfilled you feel after engaging in one of your more meaningful activities will make you think twice before opening up your favorite social app.

Personal Remember your larger purpose and impact
Habit Bank (English) - Spiritual Topic - Remember your larger purpose and impact

Place a visual cue at your workspace—whether physical or digital—that reconnects your work to a larger purpose. Maybe it's a thank you note from a client or colleague or a personal or team photo. If you don’t have a permanent workspace, consider updating your desktop background image or adding a digital sticky note reminding you of your “why.”

Personal Focus on (and find more of) the positives
Habit Bank (English) - Spiritual Topic - Focus on (and find more of) the positives

Instead of focusing on the aspects of your job that you enjoy less, think about the aspects that you find most challenging and meaningful. Come up with a plan to spend more time engaging in those activities. Rather than always leaving those aspects as a reward after completing less fulfilling tasks, use them intermittently to fuel and refresh you.

Personal Take inventory of "extra" obligations
Habit Bank (English) - Spiritual Topic - Take inventory of "extra" obligations
Each quarter, make a list of your current voluntary activities and involvement--both at work and in your personal life. Think about which ones fulfill you and which ones drain/stress you. For those that aren’t meaningful to you, consider transitioning one of the other activities to something else that contributes to your sense of purpose.
Personal, Quick Win Ask “why” for context
Habit Bank (English) - Spiritual Topic - Ask “why” for context
For the next project you receive, make sure that its greater purpose is clear; if not, ask why it is important and the role it will play in achieving broader project, team or practice goals. Make a habit of talking about “why” with your team.
Personal Take stock of your relationships each week
Habit Bank (English) - Spiritual Topic - Take stock of your relationships each week
Consider what relationships and/or types of relationships are most fulfilling in your work today. Is it being a mentor or mentee? A trusted advisor? A loyal friend? A reliable teammate? At the start of each week, find a meeting or project already on your calendar or to-do list (or go seek them out!), giving you an opportunity to build on a relationship that matters to you. For example: take more of a mentoring approach during your career check-in meetings; be sure to focus on client needs in your next meeting; show appreciation or gratitude to someone, or learn something new about your colleague/client.
Team, Quick Win See where you can make an impact each week
Habit Bank (English) - Spiritual Topic - See where you can make an impact each week
To begin each week, reflect on one area of your work or life where you would like to increase your impact--whether on an individual, a client/team deliverable, or the community. Identify meetings, tasks, or other projects already on your week’s schedule that can help you amplify that impact. You can do this by teaching something new to someone, better understanding the needs of all relevant internal and external stakeholders regarding a certain matter, or using the expertise of someone outside of your team/practice.
Personal See the growth opportunities in your week
Habit Bank (English) - Spiritual Topic - See the growth opportunities in your week
Consider what sort of task or activity would help you increase your sense of growth, personally or professionally. Review your calendar and task list at the start of each week to identify three opportunities for you to develop yourself in a way that’s important to you. Some example: ask for feedback from your team, ask a team member about their favorite Google tricks, or experiment with a new approach or process within your team.
Personal Do good, feel good
Habit Bank (English) - Spiritual Topic - Do good, feel good
Giving back can have a positive impact on you and your community. Volunteering builds empathy, strengthens relationships and makes you happier. Find a cause that you're passionate about and share your skills. Find volunteer opportunities within your organization or community and make a difference.