Personal, Team, Quick win Show your appreciation
Habit Bank (English) - Emotional Topic - Show your appreciation

Studies show that people who practice gratitude consistently report greater physical, emotional, and social well-being. Make a habit of thanking all of your team members for their help throughout the day. Send a thank you note or text or tweet someone who contributed to something positive in your day, week, fitness, career or other life goals. Be specific about how they made an impact. Encourage your team members to recognize others too.

Team, Quick win Share in the laughter
Habit Bank - Emotional Topic - Share in the laughter

Have a daily laugh with your team by rotating the task of sharing a fun fact, some trivia or a funny video clip. Watch it together during a recovery break.

Personal, Team, Quick win Spend time outside (or at least look at pictures of nature)
Habit Bank - Emotional Topic - Spend time outside (or at least look at pictures of nature)

Besides the sunlight exposure (which has all sorts of benefits), stepping outside for 15 minutes a day has been linked to better mental health. Even just looking at photos can increase positivity, happiness, and emotional stability. Get the team involved with a “Vitamin D at 3” initiative and do a few laps around the block or client site at 3pm each day. Not only will you get the emotional benefits from being outside, but you’ll also get time to connect as a team and contribute to your physical sustainability.

Personal Keep a gratitude journal
Habit Bank - Emotional Topic - Keep a gratitude journal

End your day by thinking of 5 five things that you were grateful for that day. It could be as simple as electricity that powered your kettle, the hydration you enjoyed from drinking a glass of water, the client contact who thanked you for sending a deliverable, etc. Consider making a habit of keeping track of these (e.g., in a notebook or a Word doc) and challenge yourself to try to not repeat anything.

Personal, Team Notice temptations to respond negatively
Habit Bank - Emotional Topic - Notice temptations to respond negatively

Stress is entirely driven by how you choose to react. Try to tell yourself the most realistically optimistic story and ask yourself: “Is there a more hopeful and empowering story I can tell without denying the facts?” Inform your fellow team members if you catch them reacting negatively. Sometimes we don’t realize we’re doing it!

Personal Periodically check-in with yourself
Habit Bank - Emotional Topic - Periodically check-in with yourself

Throughout the day notice whether you feel at ease or if any part of your body is tense. Are you rushing for no reason? How tight are you clutching your pen? How furiously are you typing? Are you clenching your jaw? Are your palms sweaty? How close are you leaning into your screen? If you notice you aren’t at ease, prioritize a recovery break!

Team Be curious
Habit Bank - Emotional Topic - Be curious

Get to know your colleagues while allowing your brain to shift focus for a while. Encourage participation in discussions about people’s backgrounds, interests, and experiences by implementing Cultural Mondays or Team Tuesdays where a different team member is assigned to share fun facts about themselves. It will build a great sense of community and trust among your team in an authentic way.

Personal Listen
Habit Bank - Emotional Topic - Listen

At the most basic level, listening makes others feel valued and appreciated. Give the people you're conversing with today your full, focused attention.

Team, Quick win Care
Habit Bank - Emotional Topic - Care

Begin a weekly meeting by asking each team member a simple question: “How are you feeling today?” Only accept responses that express emotion and state, not “fine” or “good.” Sharing what we’re feeling in simple terms helps us to better contain and manage even the most difficult emotions. By naming them out loud, we are effectively taking responsibility for them, making it less likely that rouge feelings will spill out at the expense of others over the course of a day.

Team Celebrate wins
Habit Bank (English) - Emotional Topic - Celebrate wins

With each win – big or small – take a moment to celebrate your success as a team. Celebrating can be as simple as pausing for a moment at the beginning of a meeting and giving a round of high fives or can be as robust as a team dinner after the successful completion of a project. Regardless of what win you are celebrating, taking time to honor the hard work will allow you to appreciate the outcome, recognize the effort that went into the work, and spread feelings of value across the team.